Blue world City is a residential housing project located on the main Charkri Road at Rawalpindi near the new Islamabad airport. The project has acquired over 55000 Kanal of land for the development of this mega housing project.

Let us share the project plan and the details of the phases and the blocks proposed in Blue world City for your better understanding:


Blue World City Islamabad is presenting diplomatic residential plots for the general public and government servants.

1.    City Apartments

  • Blue world city is planned to initiate its own Business centers with high tech apartments to assist illimitable business prospects.
  • Blue world city business hubs comprise of shopping arenas of international standards and modern Apartments heights and international standard shopping malls.
  • Blue World City has an ideal apartment’s vicinity with the capability of returning high profit once the payoff is acquired in the near future.

2.    City Farm Houses

  • Blue world city farmhouses have a sensation of natural living with modern facilities at very reasonable price rates.
  • These farmhouses have a beautiful environment consisting of green meadows, forests, water lakes, streams and land for cultivation.
  • – People can do parties, birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies   and friend’s get-to-gather.
  • Blue world city farmhouses can provide you excellent vacation with comfortable privacy and relaxing sceneries in summer and winter seasons.

3.    City Houses

  • Blue world city Islamabad housing societies is the ideal place to live with your family.
  • Blue world city is the perfect place to raise your kids in a diplomatic environment.
  • BWC has modern facilities such as no-load shedding, hygienic water and hi-tech security which provide lavish living standards.

4.    City Overseas Blocks

  • Blue world city Islamabad has good news for overseas Pakistanis as they have launched the overseas block in their residential society.
  • This block is the most executive part in the blue world city map solely for the overseas Pakistanis with high-tech lavish facilities
  • Only a limited amount of residential and commercial plots are available in Blue World City overseas blocks

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Commercial Avenue has an insight into business and commercial development.  Blue World City Commercial block will be a future business hub.

Blue world city is perfect for your next investment with the most modern facilities and hi-tech security services, no compromise in the provision of resources such as electricity, telephone and internet lines. Public transportation within the Blue world city is also available.


Blue world city is providing facile and affordable payment plans for buyers of plots. Blue World City Islamabad is offering various kinds of plans according to plot categories with slight differences. Every payment plan of Blue World City comprises of one time down payments and 40 month easy installments or 8 half-yearly installments.

Payments plans for residential and commercial plots are given in the following tables

Blue Word City Residential Plot Prices

Plot Size Down Payment 48 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
5 Marla 80,000/- 9500 42500 800,000/-
8 Marla 100,000/- 9,375/- 56,250/- 1,000,000/-
10 Marla 120,000/- 11,250/- 67,500/- 1,200,000/-
1 Kanal 210,000/- 19,687/- 118,125/- 2,100,000/-
2 Kanal 380,000/- 35,625/- 213,750/- 3,800,000/-


Blue World City Commercial Plot Prices

Plot Size Down Payment 40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
5 Marla 540,000/- 70,000/- 257,500/- 5,400,000/-
8Marla 756,000/- 95,000/- 375,500/- 7,560,000/-


Blue World City Farm Houses Plot Prices

Plot Size Down Payment 40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
4 Kanal 720,000/- 100,000/- 310,000/- 7,200,000/-
8 Kanal 1,215,000/- 175,000/- 491,875/- 12,150,000/-


Blue World City Overseas Plot Prices

Plot Size Down Payment 16 Quarterly installments  40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
7 marla 308.000/- 77,000/- 15,400/- 77,000/- 1,540,000/-
10 marla 429,000/- 107,250/- 21,500/- 107,250/- 2,145,000/-
14 marla 560,000/- 140,000/- 28,000/- 140,000/- 2,800,000/-
1 Kanal 770,000/- 192,500/- 38,500/- 192,500/- 3,650,000/-
2 Kanal 1,232,000/- 308,000/- 61,600/- 308,000/- 6,160,000/-



Avail this golden opportunity and book your plot in Blue world City. Just visit Sky Marketing Office (main dealer of City) along with given documents:

  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of ID card of your next of Kin
  • 2 passport size photos

And for overseas clients

  • 2 copies of Overseas National ID Card
  • And the above-mentioned documents


NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has already been issued to Blue World City against the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Initially, 427 Kanal of land was fixed for Blue World City in the approval of the Introductory Plan of the society.  Later, after the submission of another application, 5,000 Kanal land was allotted for Blue World City phase 1.


Blue World City Islamabad is going to construct by Chinese Corporation with the latest technologies and methods.  Infrastructures and architectures are designed according to Modern Chinese arts and cities.

Blue World City is just around the corner of the CPEC route. CPEC is also a joint mega-project between Pakistani and the Chinese Government .This enhances trade between both countries. Major employees of the CPEC project are also Chinese which demands accommodation for Chinese families in Pakistan. BWC is an excellent housing society for such families according to their needs and requirements.

Almost 10,000 Chinese residents will move to BWC in the near future after the development of Phase 1 BWC will be completed. CEO of Blue World City reserved a special block for Chinese Families to give them comfort and feeling of home.

Blue World City is not only for Pakistan and China. Many foreigners from other countries are also interested in preserving their space in BWC as it is the next business hub of Pakistan. This mega project is promoting modernism and peace in this country and provide a safe environment for residents of other countries to invest.  It will benefit the economy of Pakistan.


Blue World City development work has already begun and is going at a fast pace. Initial work in Phase 1 has now finished.

  • Construction work of the majestic entrance of the society is almost complete.
  • Construction of the main boulevard of the society is also in process.
  • The land clearing process in phase 1 of society has commenced.
  • Mapping and leveling of plots are also nearly begun.
  • The establishment of Street Lights and Roads is also in progress.
  • Meetings are in progress for the manufacture of Apartment buildings in society.

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