Real Estate Marketing Tips for Promoters

The Best Strategy to Sell New or Presale Housing is to use Real Estate Email Marketing. 

The developers who have commercial success with their projects have learned to apply the principles of real estate marketing .

Selling flat, in presale or under construction is no longer as easy as before. Now customers are more demanding and aware that they can easily lose their money by buying in a new promotion. The bad experiences of many foreigners in Spain, Portugal, Dubai or Brazil have run like wildfire on social media.

Selling a new promotion in the established time and obtaining acceptable benefits requires new real estate marketing strategies that contain the 3 fundamental elements: transaction security, transparency of who is the company behind the promotion and an orientation and customer support service to That he buys his property.

These 3 elements must be present in any promotional action that the real estate developer carries out in its real estate marketing plan .

In today’s article I will give 5 recommendations that will help real estate developers sell their projects quickly and profitably.

“I give these recommendations is not theoretical or academic sense. They are the recommendations that you have followed the promoters I have advised and in all cases their new promotions were sold before 6 months.”

The Best Real Estate Marketing Plan for a Promoter.

It all starts with the appropriate attitude of the promoter or developer. If the entrepreneur does not show a customer service mentality and an attitude we all win, then his promotion, investing the money he invests, will not succeed; rather, it will not report the benefits you expect.

Tip No. 1. Invest in promotion between 3% – 5% of the total revenue generated by your sales.

We must remember that the benefit is in the last units sold; Not in the first. If it is not possible to sell ALL the units in an acceptable time, there will be problems; not only profitability, but with the commercial team.

Trying to sell a new promotion with 1% – 2% of the total expected revenue volume, (very common practice) , is to condemn your promotion to failure.

Tip No. 2. You need a Solid Real Estate Marketing Plan.

Improvisation is a bad advisor and wastes a lot of money . Having an action plan in mind, doing what everyone does, is not having a solid sales plan. Just planning business actions is not having a real estate marketing plan.

Real estate marketing needs real figures from potential customers in the market, competition figures, self-criticism about the advantages and disadvantages of the company, threats and market opportunities. Not only set sales targets.

A developer needs a real estate marketing plan divided into 2 parts: strategic and operational.

Real Estate Marketing Focuses on the Service.

Tip No. 3.  Promote your Service; Not your brand.

You can be a well-known promoter throughout the country and even internationally. In this case your brand image will benefit you. Now, remember that your brand does not sell real estate; the properties are sold by their commercials. If these are not well trained in real estate sales and marketing, it will take longer to sell your units.

For Instance in University Town Islamabad, the real estate seller is the image of the company, its brand, in the eyes of the client. If you want to preserve your prestige and your brand, train your sales staff.

For promoters who are little known nationally or internationally, their best asset to sell a new promotion is to provide a different service from the competition. Focus on helping to buy; instead of selling your new promotion. This type of real estate marketing will differentiate you from most of your usual competitors. Even of grades, particularly if it sells abroad.

Tip nº.4.-   Do not Contract the Services of a Real Estate Agency.

The real estate agency has its priorities and interests that are not (nor should they be) theirs. Having a commercial team that fully identifies with your real estate product is what you need.

Real estate agencies can not sell their promotion faster than you with their own commercial team. Not knowing your pre-sale or sales business on the plane, (I talk about the business; not the sales process) , you will lose customers due more to misinterpretations and miscalculations than to inappropriate service.

As a promoter you need to know your customers personally, from the 1st contact until they make the first deposit, (usually 2 weeks -2 months). Then comes the waiting period until you finish the promotion and hand over the keys. A period where you can lose a percentage of those who have already made the first deposit. Although the amounts deposited in account are insured.

Real Estate Marketing: The Key is in the Payment Conditions.

Tip No. 5 .   Always remember that payment terms are more important than price.

However, do not try to put a price that does not fit the market . There are promoters who want to win the lottery with their promotion, trying to win a 200% profit, (practically, unfortunately frequent and one of the reasons that has led to create the real estate bubble in Spain) .

Offer personalized payment terms and conditions for each of your potential customers and you will sell much more than with the same general conditions for everyone. Be flexible with the requests of your potential clients.

For example, if you allow the bank that has lent you the money to carry out your promotion or development, establish these payment terms, you already start very badly. And if you let your bank set the mortgage conditions for your potential clients, it will sell more slowly.

Not only do you have to establish adequate and flexible payment terms; You have to make them attractive with a real estate marketing strategy.

What payment terms are the best? We always make a detailed analysis of the profile of the potential client or of the different profiles e.g. people interested in House for sale in Islamabad. You have to know what the average monthly salary is, the average monthly expenses, how they could pay a mortgage, where they work, travel time from the area where the project is to their place of work, the prices of the competition, the conditions of payment of competition and insurance available for amounts deposited on account.

All this information allows you to prepare a marketing strategy that makes your payment terms attractive and differentiates you from the competition.

I have been advising real estate developers for years and I have realized that success is more related to their personal attitude towards their potential clients, than in the price, payment terms, real estate marketing strategies or product quality.

We would appreciate you leaving us a comment on this article. What failures do you see in real estate marketing that developers put into practice? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.



Melissa Walker

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